Oxana Kovalchuk, a NYC-based mixed media artist is focused on bringing several art projects to life. For years Oxana has used painting, drawing and photographs in her work. But most recently, collage has become the core of her artmaking and creativity. To build complex collage panels Oxana uses diverse materials – all types of paper, canvas, acrylic, gouache, oil paint, color pencils, everyday objects and photography.

“I always start my new artwork with developing the glimpse of the idea, the spark of a new creation. I begin with the concept then detail the statement. After that, I start searching for the proper images, the proper materials the best fit for my ideas. I use images from different sources, my own photographs and at times I use my family members as my models

Current art projects by Oxana Kovalchuk explores two main topics: memory (how our brain reflects the events that happened with us throughout our life), and the limitless possibilities of the human being. Oxana is currently working on the two main series – The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors and Illusion of Reality.

“The strongest influences on my artwork come from my own life, from being a mother, an immigrant, and a visual artist. Psychology also plays a role in my work. My art is about reflecting my life experiences in the most sincere and unique, intimate and personal ways. As my artwork progresses, the ideas for each new series of artwork becomes more clear through experience, and experimentation. I weave a great deal of thought and emotions into my artwork, developing the multifaceted scenarios”.

In ILLUSION OF REALITY Oxana creates multimedia, multidimensional glass collages through a layering process, which imitates the layering and perception and the distortion of memory. The transparency of the glass allows her to showcase the process of collage, taking it from a two-dimensional medium to a multidimensional process. Within one collage, my work contains the concrete and abstract: both real and fictional memory. Although each layer of the collage changes the overall image, the finished piece is consistent: a new, hybrid space with a new meaning. The collage becomes an entire cohesive reality with its own story. When the piece is viewed at different angles, however, the story itself can change through the viewer’s perception.

KINGDOM OF CROOKED MIRRORS represents how much can be achieved in life if there is that desire. Anything is possible, even the creation of new spaces and worlds. This series of collages allows Oxana that transform the meaning of familiar imagery. She bends the rules of geometry to create distorted perspectives and new realities. In this way, she destroys existing societal structures. Her work is like the reflection of a curved mirror: while the subject remains the same, the resulting image is new and distorted. In her work Oxana pushes the boundaries of what is possible, allowing images to be viewed from different perspectives simultaneously. Each change represents a breakthrough, moving beyond existing limitations. With each change, there is a rebirth in her work.
“In my opinion, the role of artists during these times has never been more important. Historically it was artists who brought about change, bringing visibility to what is happening in the world. Artists influence and expose. I strive to embody the rich history of artists who came before me and create my work to have a strong social impact. My hope is to expose people to new ideas, realities and possibilities even at a time when it feels like the choices are limited.”