On the current state of the art market

Visiting Oxana Kovalchuk’s Creative Hideaway at the Neumann Leathers Factory in Hoboken, NJ

For many artists picking the right studio is a challenge. A studio is a sacred space where artwork is being created, and the artist should be in full sync and have a certain chemistry with their space.

While Oxana was studying at SVA, the school provided her with a tiny studio in its Manhattan facilities, but right after the graduation with an M.A. degree, Oxana started looking for her own space. After doing some research, the Hoboken-located Neumann Leathers factory was recommended. She found the space to be interesting. Though from the outside the building looks abandoned, the inside tells another story The former factory is populated and beloved by numerous creatives – artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors, fashion designers and architects. Oxana stated “It’s very important for me to be in a space with like minded people as my neighbors in this creative hub”

Some tenants produce bamboo drumsticks, others have worked with outstanding musicians like U2, Paul Simon, Kanye West, Tony Bennett, and John Legend.

The factory is a true incubator, featuring an eclectic mix of artists. One of the most prominent occupants of our studio is Nick DePirro, a sculptor, who runs Project Studios and PROTO Gallery which organizes shows throughout the year. Project Studios also participates in various activities and the factory is featured in the Hoboken Open Studios events, drawing art lovers to the space.

Oxana’s studio is intricately designed, adjusting to her creative needs and the artwork she is developing. Whether it be collage shaping, painting, or work with glass, this space is really flexible and very well situated. This space is reflective of Oxana’s personality. It has an industrial feel and looks hip: partly thanks to the paint smell, Oxana’s immersive artworks, and a retro fridge occupying the corner of the room – for inspiring lunch breaks.

Oxana comes to the studio every day. “This space is my creative hideaway. I escape here from the rush of  metropolitan life, to focus only on my artworks, recharge and reimagine my everyday life. I have three kids at home who crave my attention, and to be able to spend some time in solitude making art, is priceless’.

Who can argue?

The current shift in the art market, impacted by the coronavirus crisis, with the gallery closures and restrictions, has changed a number of things. It has also introduced the new ‘normals’ as we all became more digital. However, the core values haven’t changed at all – we still need our own physical spaces –places to collaborate and we need to feel that creative air that digital just can’t provide. Now more than ever, even if at a distance, we need to be inspired by other artists who push us to become better.

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