“This intersection between global events and our reactions to them, as people, is at the core of Oxana’s work. Oxana’s varied body of work explores the human spirit in various forms: the past we all contain, the fleeting present, and the future we face. How does one capture the ever-changing human consciousness? By observing just like Oxana does. In her most recent exhibition, “Roots” at the Kente Royal Gallery in NYC, the public could lose themselves in a body of work composed of the artist’s childhood memories, adult reflections, and gratitude for the person she has become. “This is my inspection of existing and missing family bonds – those roots and branches that were severed due to major political shifts in my birth country,” she adds. This gap, this fracture between what is and what could have been, is evident in the various pieces: broad strokes of gouache on canvases paired with collages, some from photos but also installations.” – Heloise Wilson, CCP Magazine.

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