Flashes of Consciousness

Flashes of consciousness highlights the moments when we move from unstructured thoughts to sharp attention and focus.

The natural condition of consciousness is chaos and the absence of any structure of thoughts. At any moment when our attention weakens, a free flow of thought begins, images and considerations randomly flash in the your head one by one without control.

Without special preparation it is very difficult to maintain concentration for several minutes in a row if the activity doesn’t have any external stimulus, and does not require constant monitoring

Concentration and focus allow you to fix your attention on an image, almost illuminating it, as if by projector, directing the light to where it is most signficant.

In the boxes that store the archives, a circle separates the moments of flashes from the stream of consciousness. The boxes are closed and open at the same time, it providing the illusion that everything can be seen, and yet the projector illuminates only a certain part that one is allowed to see.

These images are often distorted. After all, they reflect the perception that we remember. The objects of our daily life become larger when they have certain significance or – importance. The projector illuminates various moments and is focused at times on unexpected things. Reality begins to mix with fantasy.

The surrounding reality increases and changes places with people. It is not at all important whether the image of this flash of consciousness match to reality or not.