Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors


Everything is possible when there is a strong desire to achieve it. In arts, I can create new worlds and travel through time. This series is cardboard-based mixed media collages. I create new realms using paint, colored pencils, and decorative paper. Then I add additional components to this already created environment. I transfer these elements from their previous habitat to the artwork I’m currently creating – they take on a new meaning or perform a different function than before. In my artwork, they start interacting in a new way, to create a new reality.

This body of work challenges traditional linear geometry by using a distorted perspective. The reality in my collages destroys stereotypes and generally accepted canons. I was inspired by Zaha Hadid’s architectural masterpieces – their unexpected curves and unconventional shapes.

The realm created in my collages is tempting as well as ominous. Like the refracted reflections of curved mirrors, space has ceased to be linear, offering an even greater variety of forms. The boundaries of what is considered to be ‘possible’ are pushed apart. The objects, people, and spaces are shown from an uncommon angle, opening up new perspectives. Every time I add a new element or detail to my work, the world inside it changes, refracting in a new way and thus becoming different – the reality inside the artwork is now a new one.

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